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AlphaTech provides appraisals for classic cars, vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles.

AlphaTech also provides class “A” technician services specializing in British and European cars, trucks and motorcyles for over 30 years. Please contact AlphaTech for any of the services listed to the right of this page.

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Our industrial division works with our partner Surplus First, LLC. in order to assist in industrial, utility, commercial, demolition, Oil & Gas and Power Plant liquidations!

Duncan's Auctions

Company Milestones

Early 1970's

Joe Duncan establishes the first classic car auction in Florida and one of the first in America!


When Pittsburgh Steel Mills were failing in the 1980's, Rick Duncan assisted in asset liquidation, reclaiming Steel companies millions of dollars before and during demolition

Late 1980's

When NASA decommissioned their ship, The Vanguard, that tracked Apollo missions during the 60's & 70's in the southern hemisphere, Rick Duncan assisted in asset reclamation of all the electrical and machinery equipment

1990's & 2000's

During the 90's and 2000's Utility companies began massive upgrades on obsolete distribution systems, Rick Duncan stepped in and reclaimed millions of dollars for utilities by selling their obsolete and unused equipment

Duncan's Auctions

2020 Southfork Ranch Reception

Duncan's Auctions 2020 reception, the night before the auction, filled the Southfork Mansion with the most people in the history of the Ranch

2019 Auction History

In 2019, Duncan's Auctions made classic car auction history with the first female auction team

2020 Dallas Auction History

In 2020, Duncan's Auctions made history in Dallas introducing the first classic car auction/show at Southfork Ranch where the famed show "Dallas" was filmed

The Lone Star Classic

May 14, 2022 (Van Alstyne, TX)

Next Online Auction

Location & Date TBA

TBA, 2022

The Lone Star Classic (Fall 2022)

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Whether you have a car or sports collection, memorabilia, an industrial or demolition project that needs liquidating, Duncan’s Auctions can assist in marketing your property in the most cost effective venue. Tap into our years of experience in order to gain the most out of your sale.


Duncan’s Auctions has nearly 75 years of classic car & equipment experience. Joe Duncan, founder of Duncan’s Cadillacs in Los Angeles, California taught founder, Rick Duncan, everything he knew about the auction business. Rick grew up in the classic car & equipment auction business, helping his father in his 4 Florida auto & equipment auctions.

Rick has been in the classic car & equipment business since the passing of his father in 1981. Below is the site where Mr. Duncan established one of the first classic car auctions in America. During the late 60’s & early 70’s Joe Duncan was operating auto auctions in Orlando, Lakeland and Cocoa, Florida along with an equipment and estate auction service in Merritt Island, Florida.  “If you are searching for a comfortable and honest venue to buy or sell a classic car collection or to liquidate your industrial or utility equipment, we invite you to participate in a Duncan’s Auction,” Rick said. “If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.”


One of Joe Duncan’s auctions in Florida being renovated for the grand opening


Famed Burton Gilliam of “Blazing Saddles”, “Fletch”, “Gator”, “Thunderbolt & Lightfoot”, “Back to The Future III” and “Paper Moon” displaying his auctioneering skills at a Duncan’s Auctions event in 2019.

Rick Joe Duncan TX License #18007 MO License #260



Rick Duncan (Left) with friend Burton Gilliam (Center) of “Blazing Saddles” and Professional Hockey Player Joel Chouinard (Right) listening to Burton’s jokes at a Duncan’s Auctions event in 2018!

Cars lining up at one of Joe Duncan’s Florida Auctions in the early 1970’s


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