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Duncan’s Auctions is proud to present for auction the rare and one-of-a-kind African Cycad Collection. These paintings were created by famed and much respected artist Elaine Mato in Johannesburg, South Africa between the years of 2007 and 2010. By some accounts the Rain Queen dates back to the 1600’s. These paintings were created by using a paint technique mastered by ancient Egyptians & Greeks called encaustic painting, which is pure beeswax, damar tree resin and pigments. This collection explores a contemporary rendition the prehistoric African Cycads and the mythology surrounding a centuries old royal house of the African Rain Queen Modjadji.
The showcase painting of this auction is “The African Rain Queen Madjadji”. This painting was donated to Earth X by Ndabi Mandela, who’s Grandfather was Nelson Mandela.
Nelson Mandela actually consulted with Queen Modjadji after his release from prison.

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The African Rain Queen Modjadji

Personally donated to EARTH X by Ndaba Mandela who’s Grandfather Nelson Mandela respectfully consulted with Queen Modjadji upon his release from prison.

Ancient paint technique in pure Beeswax and Damar Resin

70,866 x 59,055 inches

Double Frame

Estimate: $27,500.00 to $32,500.00

Sclavoi Razz-Ma-Tazz

Ancient paint technique in pure Beeswax and Damar Resin

59,055 x 39,370 inches

Single Frame

Estimate: $10,000.00 to $15,000.00

A sense of you upon a Blue Moon

Ancient paint technique in pure Beeswax and Damar Resin

78,740 x 59,055 inches

Double Frame

Auction Estimate: $25000.00 to $30,000.00

Misty Mountain Cycads

 Ancient paint technique in pure Beeswax and Damar Resin

 78,740 x 59,055 inches

Double Frame

Estimate: $15,000.00 to $20,000.00

Modjadji Blom

 Ancient paint technique in pure Beeswax and Damar Resin

78,740 x 59,055 inches

Double Frame

Auction Estimate: $14000.00 to $18,000.00

Day by Day (Trytych)

Ancient paint technique in pure Beeswax and Damar Resin

27,559 x 19,685 inches ea.

Single Frame

Estimate: $5,000.00 to $8,000.00 for the set

Elaine Mato (Bunge) is a much-respected artist in South Africa where her journey began at the Johannesburg Art Ballet and Music School, now the National School of Art. She attended  Michaelis UCT for a degree in fine art yet she didn’t graduate due to choosing to explore other options. Discovering other paint mediums, she started working in an ancient paint technique, called encaustic painting, which is pure beeswax, damar tree resin, and pigments. A follow through with soft ground (beeswax) etchings which later she found a centuries-old manual, on how to make up encaustic paint started with a contemporary rendition of the prehistoric African Cycads which lead to exploring the mythology surrounding a centuries-old royal house of the African Rain Queen, Modjadji. The African royal house is closely guarded in secrecy. It is said she came from North of the Limpopo River to settle in the Northern region of the Soutpansberg mountain range in South Africa. Her father gave her a golden horn to summon the rain, as a means of survival on the harsh African continent. This whole misty mountainous nature reserve is lush with ancient cycads, called the Modjadji’s Blom, (flower) wild orchids and teeming with wildlife and birds. Queen Modjadji was the 5th reigning rain queen. It is interesting to note that Nelson Mandela sought her council after being released from prison. Although he himself also came from a royal house, he still bowed and sat beneath her during their meetings. They continued a cordial friendship until she died. Her surviving daughter died soon after having brought the royal house into disrepute. It is still an ongoing debate if her young daughter will succeed the throne. It seemed appropriate to paint this collection in pure pigmented beeswax and damar resin.

In  2010 one of these LARGE paintings was selected by PRISA as part of an exhibition for an International  Congress On Communication, today and in the future. This brought Elaine’s name amongst the finest of the other chosen South African artists. (Karel Nel, Willam Kentridge, Judith Mason to name a few.
The International Expo, themed
‘The Sixth Sense In Future Communications’
Elaine’s painting selected…
Title: ‘A Sense Of You Upon A Blue Moon’

Live & Online Auction

Exact auction, viewing & VIP reception times and date to be announced this week

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All paintings will come with a Certificate of Authenticity

Auction will open with 15 to 20 pieces from up & coming Texas Artists

Images & descriptions of these pieces will be listed soon!


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One of Joe Duncan’s auctions in Florida being renovated for the grand opening


Famed Burton Gilliam of “Blazing Saddles”, “Fletch”, “Gator”, “Thunderbolt & Lightfoot”, “Back to The Future III” and “Paper Moon” displaying his auctioneering skills at a Duncan’s Auctions event in 2019.

Rick Joe Duncan TX License #18007 MO License #260



Rick Duncan (Left) with friend Burton Gilliam (Center) of “Blazing Saddles” and Professional Hockey Player Joel Chouinard (Right) listening to Burton’s jokes at a Duncan’s Auctions event in 2018!

Cars lining up at one of Joe Duncan’s Florida Auctions in the early 1970’s


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