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The Dallas Classic

February 8, 2020

Mexico City

Mexico City Earthquake 1985: When a massive earthquake hit Mexico City in 1985, Rick Duncan was instrumental in assisting with the removal and liquidation of the electrical infrastructure, which led to the rebuilding of the city.


NASA’s Vanguard: During the Apollo missions NASA utilized the Vanguard ships in the southern and northern hemispheres to track the astronauts. Rick Duncan was called when one of the Vanguards was scrapped. His expertise assisted in all the asset recovery.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell at the University of Houston:  Rick & Marilyn Duncan were instrumental in bringing an exact Liberty Bell replica from the White Chapel Bell Foundry in London (Who manufactured the original Liberty Bell) to the University of Houston, where they both attended.

Pittsburgh Steel

U.S. Steel Mills: Rick Duncan was called when large U.S. steel mills were in need of liquidating material from steel mills throughout the country. His expertise assisted in reclaiming millions of dollars to the steel industry.

Joe Duncan opened one of the first classic car auctions in Florida during the 1960’s giving us over 50 years auction experience

Rick Duncan has been instrumental in assisting utilities and power plants throughout the world with asset recovery

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